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MARCH 28 2022 8pm to 10pm

The Macallan Collectors' Happy Hour Community Show-Off

Free Happy Hour sponsored by Macallan and hosted at Lost Property Bar in Hollywood, Los Angeles. If you hold an inftspaces NFT you can come and share your art project with the greater NFT community!  Come hang out with NFT/Art folks and get your art out there! All NFT holders are welcome to join, just share an NFT you have collected in your wallet.

Free open bar • Giveaways •Sign up for NFT access • NFT updates and announcements


APRIL 9 2022 7pm to 11pm

San Diego NFT Con - VIP After Party

Our event is the official VIP after party for San Diego NFT convention, we will host all of the VIP attendees to the convention and we will invite 100+ VIPs from our own NFT and arts network from all over the USA. We are expecting to limit the event to about 250-300 guests.


Physical and Digital art gallery • Live NFT minting & support • Live art experience • Virtual Reality exhibit  • Art and NFT crowd • Open bar • Surprises

APRIL 26 2022 8pm to 10pm

The Macallan Collectors' Happy Hour featuring Etched NFTs

Come learn about the amazing NFT company Etched NFTs as they showcase their upcoming Prosocialites drop and share some fire Alpha!


FEBRUARY 22 2022 8pm to 10pm

The Macallan Inaugural NFT Hour

Free Happy Hour sponsored by Macallan and hosted at Lost Property Bar in Hollywood, Los Angeles - for inftspaces holders ONLY!  100% exclusive to inftspaces holders.

  • Free open bar

  • Macallan, NFTs and NFT convention ticket giveaways

  • inftspaces NFT update

  • NFT community and mingling

NOVEMBER 11 2021

INFTSPACES Inaugural Gallery Los Angeles

Our Stage 01 event, featured renowned street and fine artists from around the world at both a physical art gallery in Los Angeles and a virtual gallery in Sommnium Space.

  • Over 1000 attendees both physically and virtually

  • Each artist presented physical work and NFTs

  • On-site sales of both physical art and NFTs

  • Live minted over 100 NFTs, helping create over 50 NEW metamask and Coinbase wallets!

  • Katie Cassidy, Getty Images and several influencers in attendance

  • 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor Beautify Earth

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