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The Lab Mag x INFTSPACES 9/30 - 'FUTURO' Reveal and Live Auction

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

FUTURO, the latest issue from The Lab Mag, is a deep dive into (nearly) everything about the future. In response to the tidal wave of change about to enter our lives, the overall optimism of the contributors of FUTURO is heartening. There is a shared belief that we should all be part of the conversation to determine what our collective future will be. All are agreed that the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. Now we need some creative thinkers to help guide us forward. This issue is dedicated to and created by the future makers.

In collaboration with INFTSPACES, three artists are each gifting a fine art NFT to the Lab Mag readership. To the best of our knowledge, this is a first! A printed magazine giving away digital NFT artwork. We ask the question, are you purchasing FUTURO with an NFT artwork? Or are you purchasing an NFT artwork with a complimentary magazine?

Ellen De, Jimmy Danko & Steven Daily are gifting a downloadable NFT artwork with every purchase of the FUTURO issue, to be claimed within 6 months from its issuance. Details on how to access the NFT will be accessed via a QR code printed inside the pages of FUTURO. Creating a boundary free access point to collecting digital artwork.

In addition to the free artwork NFT within the magazine, a limited collaborative fine art drop will occur with the same 3 artists (Ellen De, Jimmy Danko & Steven Daily). Four days before the event day, minting will go live on the 27th of September for the early birds! At the launch of the edition on SEPTEMBER 30TH 2023 the auction for the 1 of 1 piece by each artist will end live at the event. In addition to a 1 of 1 original artwork from each artist, a limited edition NFT artwork will be made available for purchase as well, open to everyone!

Artists: Ellen De, DANKO, Steven Daily

Ellen De is a visual artist who employs photography as her chosen medium for creative expression. Ellen's creative process is characterized by improvisation and intuition, resulting in compositions that evoke a palpable sense of tension and emotional captivation. When Ellen relocated to a foreign land, she encountered obstacles in continuing her mixed media endeavors, prompting her to delve deeper into the realm of digital photography. Subsequently, she pursued comprehensive studies in audiovisual post-production, further enhancing her artistic skills.

DANKO is known for his sculptural use of oil and acrylic painting to create a hyper-realistic tableau of toys and cultural references, as well as for large generative collections and editioned works in Web 3. His work is featured in private collections all over the world, and he has enjoyed collaborations with brands such as Converse and Lexus.

Steven Daily is a painter, illustrator, commercial artist, and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. At age five, he started drawing and creating art, Traditional painting, illegal graffiti, and skateboarding, heavily influenced his subject matter and technique.

A Unique Collaboration

This collaboration between THE LAB MAG and INFTSPACES sees for the first time a true analogue meets digital trifecta. Where upon a maximum of 3 collectors can hold a piece of history. A few thousand downloadable NFTs will be available via the magazine, 45 total editioned digital NFTs will be available to purchase, and finally 3 physical art pieces (commemorated on the blockchain as NFTs). A first where such a trio exists amongst the fine art world.

Mint your FUTURO NFT here (while supplies list)

Auction Pieces

ENTER the Auction (

FAITH by Ellen De (SOLD) Physical artwork with paired NFT to be auctioned.

Now in Color by DANKO Physical artwork with paired NFT to be auctioned.

Fools Gold by Steven Daily

Physical artwork with paired NFT to be auctioned.

About the Lab Mag

The Lab Mag by The Laboratory Arts Collective is a bi-annual, theme-based, arts and culture journal. We are stocked in various museums, galleries and wondrous book emporiums all over the world; internationally distributed by Ra & Olly.

About Metasill

The MetaSill NFT Frame is dedicated to displaying your NFT. We custom-designed a frame to show NFT artworks in the best possible way. Our high-quality display offers the best visual experiences. Simply sign in with your wallet to bring your precious NFT artwork into the real world!

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