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10.19.22 RECAP | INFT Evenings at Soho House with Shira Lazar

An intimate evening at Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA in collaboration with Soho Friends. Incredible night with phenomenal artists and leaders in web3. These Females are strong and intelligent voices in the world of art and web3 and we were blessed to give them the stage and put on a show for the fam!

Artists: Kelley Art Botanica, Toni Payne, Juliana Plexxo

Host: Shira Lazar

Emcee: Rad Laser Falcon

Shira Lazar - @shiralazar

Shira Lazar is an Emmy-nominated host and interviewer covering social media, culture, Web3 and wellness. Her content focuses on informing, inspiring and empowering the world to take action in their lives, and is infused with her own style of positivity and humor!

Kelley Art Botanica - @kartbotanica

Kelley Anderson is an artist based in Los Angeles who has been working with plants and natural materials since childhood. Drawing on her meditative practice and the woods of her native Connecticut, her work is intended to inspire and connect people back to nature. Follow her NFT project @SheBloomsNFT

Toni Payne - @tonipayne

Toni Payne is a Still Life and Documentary Photographer. She is also a Spoken Word Poet, Self Expresser, founder of Champayner Social Club, a Podcaster and Keynote Speaker.

Juliana Plexxo - @julianaplexxo

Juliana is an artistic residency at the legendary Joan Barbará workshop, where Picasso, Miro, Dali and many others developed the technique of engraving in Barcelona. Follow here NFT project @TheOutsiders

Rad Laser Falcon - @radlaserfalcon

Emcee for the night! Web3 specialist and consultant. The Ethereals CEO

Virtual reality provided by Somnium space! Come immerse yourself in a unique VR experience and experience the art in a different dimension thanks to our partners at Somnium Space VR.

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