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07.21.22 RECAP | The first ever INFT Evenings at Soho House with Ruben Rojas - Live Through Love

What a stellar evening with magical art aficionados in the crowd. Ruben Rojas was his usual inspirational self in sharing his own vulnerabilities with those in attendance. His son Remy Love even joined him on stage! It was quite the sight. Many came and left with complimentary NFTs thanks to Ruben and his team and many of his unique 1 of 1 NFTs can still be found here:

Don't miss his special appearance with the NFL during the season opener on September 8th...yes...the NFL! Living through Love has only begun, make sure you keep up with the young art star and give him a follow.

Humble the Poet blessed our stage with some epic spoken word, his work is highly inspiring!

Thank you to Soho Friends for providing us with the magnificent space at Soho House in Downtown Los Angeles, our next show is October 19th, 2022! Special thanks to Somnium Space for powering us with the most epic VR!

Until then infinite fam, OLE!

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