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The Lab Mag - Futuro

The Laboratory Arts Collective goes web3, introducing NFTs to its Fine Art Magazine for the first time ever!

Mint your Art of Web3 piece now by Ellen De, DANKO, and Steven Daily

About The Drop

The Lab Mag by The Laboratory Arts Collective is a bi-annual, theme-based, arts and culture journal. The Lab Mag celebrates the work of established and emerging artists from around the globe as well as cultural czars, designers, filmmakers, creators, free thinkers, rebellious spirits and pioneers in contemporary culture. The latest offering by The Lab Mag is the FUTURO edition, a deep dive into (nearly) everything about the future. This issue is dedicated to and created by the future makers and includes Web3 NFT art for the first time ever.

A limited collaborative art drop including 3 top notch fine artists (Ellen De, Jimmy Danko & Steven Daily) that will commemorate this feat. Not only will there be artwork available for purchase by the featured artists in the magazine issue, their work within the magazine itself is mintable and only claimed when purchasing your own FUTURO issue! 1/1 physical artwork available from each artist via auction, and limited editions of 15 from each artist too, pair that with your free to claim FUTURO mag NFT and you have a trifecta meant for history.

The Mag - Futuro

  • Limited 'Futuro' editions ever printed

  • 3 free mintable NFTs within

  • History - 1 of only 6,000


  • Edition of only 15

  • Linked to magazine and NFT collection

  • Part of History - 45 total

1 of 1

  • Physical artwork

  • NFT digital authenticating the piece

  • History will remember you - Only 3

Collect a piece of Fine Art history

The first chance to own a trifecta of physical - digital art

About The Artists

Ellen De



Ellen De is a visual artist who employs photography as her chosen medium for creative expression. Ellen's creative process is characterised by improvisation and intuition, resulting in compositions that evoke a palpable sense of tension and emotional captivation. When Ellen relocated to a foreign land, she encountered obstacles in continuing her mixed media endeavors, prompting her to delve deeper into the realm of digital photography. Subsequently, she pursued comprehensive studies in audiovisual post-production, further enhancing her artistic skills.


Big thanks to our partners and those that believe in ART!

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DANKO is known for his sculptural use of oil and acrylic painting to create a hyper-realistic tableau of toys and cultural references, as well as for large generative collections and editioned works in Web 3. His work is featured in private collections all over the world, and he has enjoyed collaborations with brands such as Converse and Lexus.

Steven Daily



Steven Daily is a painter, illustrator, commercial artist, and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. At age five, he started drawing and creating art, Traditional painting, illegal graffiti, and skateboarding, heavily influenced his subject matter and technique.

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