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10.13.22 RECAP | Art of Web3 Launch at Two Bit Circus

Fine Art in the world of Web3 with Top Notch 1 of 1 Artists sharing limited edition and unique 1 of 1 pieces with a gamified minting experience. Live fine art reveal with the talented artists Gabe Weis, Parin Heidari, Will Carsola, Soul Curry Art, and Steven Daily showcasing. Art drop is sold out and can only be purchased now on the secondary market: OpenSea Link

Blending the social capital of IRL art experiences with Web3 in an immersive fun environment is a perfect use case to prove the real world utility of NFT fine art collecting, bringing the artist to collectors in meaningful ways. The inftspaces Salon x Two Bit Circus experience brought artists and collectors together to spend time IRL and share their inspiration and vision in one of the world’s premiere experiential game environments.

Gabe Weis is an NFT and mixed-media artist living in the Bay Area. His collection the Stoics sold out in a matter of minutes and trending on OpenSea NOW! @GabrielJWeis

Parin Heidari is a multidisciplinary artist from Iran. Parin is an ambidextrous artist who draws One-line drawings with two hands simultaneously through the lens of Synesthesia. @ParinDesigns

Soul Curry Art is a mixed media techniques Artist, dreamer, abstract and color addict, and trained as a classical, fine artist. @SoulCurryArt

Will Carsola is the co-creator and artist of two animated shows on Adult Swim, and now he's designed an Ethereum NFT collection for canned water brand Liquid Death. @WillCarsola

Steven Daily is a painter, illustrator, commercial artist, and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. @StevenDailyArt

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