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11.11.21 RECAP | INFTSPACES Inaugural Gallery Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Our Stage 01 event, featured renowned street and fine artists from around the world at both a physical art gallery in Los Angeles and a virtual gallery in Somnium Space. An immersive gallery experience in both the physical as well as the metaphysical world. NFT's, physical art and live NFT minting.

​Work by Presenting Artists:

The metaverse has been created and influenced by art since its inception, yet art still goes underappreciated in the real world. Galleries need support and new avenues to link to viewers and viewers need new ways and possibilities to engage with art. We unite artists in the real world and metaverse through a unified gallery experience that one can attend from either space (meta or physical). We bridge the gap between the two and make it so that one can feel and touch the art through the existential rift. Art that overlaps the senses and even overlaps our worlds. Learn more on Twitter and Instagram. ​

  • Over 1000 attendees both physically and virtually

  • Each artist presented physical work and NFTs

  • On-site sales of both physical art and NFTs

  • Live minted over 100 NFTs, helping create over 50 NEW metamask and Coinbase wallets!

  • Katie Cassidy, Getty Images and several influencers in attendance

  • 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor Beautify Earth


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