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Join our community as we support artists and bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse.


No more starving artists, we want thriving artists. We support artists by providing access and curating spaces.


Join our community through our membership NFT and get access to events, whitelists, physical art, and giveaways.


From popup galleries to monthly happy hours by Macallan, join us in supporting artists and experiencing their art.

Who We Are

The metaverse has been created and influenced by art since its inception, yet art still goes under appreciated in the real world. Galleries need support and new avenues to link to viewers and viewers need new ways and possibilities to engage with art.

3 LA transplants (go figure) have come together to build a bridge between the physical and the metaverse. We curate art shows and NFT drops through a unified gallery experience that one can attend from either space (meta or physical). We make it possible to feel and touch the art through the existential rift. Our DAO helps us bring others into this community and share ownership.


We curate art that transcends the senses and our worlds. 

We are an artist collective and gallery series creating immersive experiences across mediums.
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