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Experience Infinite Art

Join our creator community and experience art IRL and in the metaverse.


No more starving artists, only thriving ones. We support artists by providing resources, access, visibility, and space.


Join the community with our membership NFT and get access to events, whitelists, physical art, drops, perks, and more.


From popup galleries to intimate dinners and happy hours, immerse yourself in creative experiences and connections.

INFT Mission

Art has no limits and its influence has no borders. Whether physical or digital, art should be experienced and accessible in all its forms. We believe there needs to be more ways to support artist’s growth and appreciation of their works across mediums. Our goal is to provide the platform, space, and collective resources to accomplish this.

We are building bridges between the physical and the metaverse, curating art experiences in many forms to be accessible to all. Our upcoming DAO enables us to empower the community to share in curation and ownership.

A curated popup gallery series and creator community that bridges the gap between real-life and metaverse experiences.
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INFT Partners

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Unlock infinite art today.

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